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Door View Manager™

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Door View Manager™(DVM)

The Door View Manager™ is an innovative product that combines the door viewer, the hang tag, and a welcome message in one easy-to-install piece of hardware. It provides exceptional security and comfort to guests and is easier to maintain than flimsy hang tags and key card inserts.

The result is unprecedented hotel room security for guests and protection for hotel managers and owners from negative press and lawsuits that may otherwise result.

Security Advantages
• Privacy shutter opens easily, defaults to the closed position and removes the risk of reverse peephole viewers
• Removes the need for hang tags, which can be changed from outside of the room
• Allows guests to change privacy message from inside the room, without opening the door
• Viewer is securely mounted and is tamper resistant from both inside and outside the room.

Esthetic Advantages
• Available in five standard finishes
• Door View Manager face plate can be customized to match any hotel door
• Message wheel color, font and message can be customized
• Hotel logo, a variety of icons or greetings can be printed on the exterior side
• The interior side can feature personalized messages such as “Thank you for being our guest”

Catalog Reference
Standard Finishes Black, Chrome, Brass, Antique Brass and Nickel
Standard Messages Do Not Disturb, Welcome, Late Check Out, Please Service Room

Model Number

444BLK-1MWAC BLACK with standard message
444CH-1MWAC CHROME with standard message
444BR-1MWAC BRASS with standard message
444ABR-1MWAC ANTIQUE Brass with standard message
444NKL-1MWAC NICKEL with standard message

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