Central Specialties Ltd.

Innovative products for the foodservice and hospitality industry.

Great people producing better products.

Your guests are seeking the best possible experience in both foodservice and hospitality environments. You want them to rely on you - and return, often. Quality equipment communicates quality service. Central Specialties Ltd. delivers quality foodservice and hospitality products, with experience that dates back to 1927.

Safe, durable and continually evaluated, CSL products give your guests a positive experience, which reflects on you! Because we’re always working on improvements and eco-friendly options, ask how we can customize the products you want to order. Color, branding and even application variations can be explored.

Headquartered in Crystal Lake, Ill., CSL designs and delivers a full spectrum of products to enhance your foodservice and hospitality equipment needs. Launched in 2005, CSL Foodservice & Hospitality is the result of a collaborative merger between CSL’S Gaychrome-branded food service product lines and Tubular Engineering’s hospitality offerings.

The Gaychrome brand was founded in 1927 and provided plastic, wood and metal products for the foodservice and hospitality industries until it merged with Central Specialties Co. in 1982.

The Tubular Engineering product line was a perfect complement to the CSL Foodservice and Hospitality line. The combination of businesses offers an excellent assortment of quality products.